Nikola Benin. Mugu is one of the remote districts of Western Nepal.

Nikola Benin, Ph.D

Huma to Mugu Trek



Mugu district is neighboring with Humla to the North-West, Jumla to the South-East, China to the North and Upper Dolpo to the North-East. As it falls under the Western Himalayas of Nepal, some areas of Mugu is also included in the GHT West Nepal.

Though some areas of Mugu is included in the GHT West Nepal there are many things still to be explored. On the northern align of Upper Mugu and edges of Tibetan plateaus, there are several unclimbed virgin snowcapped peaks are calling to Mountaineers and peak climbers.

For the adventure seekers, there are several trekking trails which commence within the Mugu district and connects the neighboring districts, Humla, Jumla, and Dolpo.

Trekking in Mugu Region

The classic and popular trek to Mugu is Jumla Rara Trek. This trek commences either from Jumla to Rara or from Talcha to Rara Lake and treks to Jumla.

For more adventure seeker, trekking to Tanke Khola valley and Koji Khola valley of Upper Mugu, on the lap of Kanti Himal are breathtaking treks.

GHT West Nepal Simikot to Mustang trek stretches through the Mugu village of Upper Mugu and high valleys of Upper Mugu.

The ultimate Mugu to Dolpo Trek is another interesting trek treading through the lower Mugu and Upper Mugu to Upper Dolpo region.

A completely wild route to Langu Khola of Mugu to Dolpo is another route which needs to be explored.

A great combination of high and wild valleys of Mugu and Jumla is possible through the Jumla Mugu Exotic Trek. This trek takes you into the lap of Kanjiruwa massif.

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